I touch the sofa, quake and tremble....  Welcome home.I touch the sofa, quake and tremble.... Welcome home.

“If man makes world as construction site
Demolition teams work best at night
(We hunt you down)”

– Daedelus (with Mike Ladd)

Welcome to the 2017 (and hopefully final) relaunch of Wataridori...at least until we have to do it again.

As you can see, we have a whole crapton of articles missing from mid-2015 until now.  There's a good reason for that.  For that period (and until I rebuilt the website), Wataridori was under constant attacks by hackers, some of which actually made it through and did damage to the site.  Even now, the old site is still under attack, and I've logged one or two new ones here.

That being said, we're not stopping just because of that.  That would be bad.  And bad we do not do here!  There's going to be more on the horizon - more gaming, more software, more...well, more more, if that makes sense.  And this time I have the site fairly bulletproof, so we're not going to go into the bad place again, hopefully...and for some reason we do, our webhost now has a rewind capability, so things are looking up there!

So...welcome home here.  And have a song, while you're at it!