And another site heads into history.And another site heads into history.

"There's no chance for us
It's all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us"

- Queen

It’s said that nothing lasts forever, and Freddie Mercury once sang, “Who wants to live forever?”  Well, despite the fact that few things are destined to be eternal, there are some things that we wish were.  One of those things just left us, and even though its usefulness to the larger world of otaku culture, it still stings to see it go.

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast reports that after nearly twenty years, the famed Anime Web Turnpike has finally and sadly closed its doors.

Who wants to live forever? (img: Anime Nostalgia Podcast)Who wants to live forever? (img: Anime Nostalgia Podcast)

Back before Google, back before the Anime News Network, there was Jay Fubler Harvey and his Anipike, backed by crowdsourcing before there was such a thing and just the place for new sites to get noticed (as a young squidling, I had my first few sites up there…too long, since both were closed while still on the Pike.)   And of course, there was Trixie Turnpike, the mascot.  Cute little thing, even though she was excised in 2004 when new ownership completely redesigned the site.

Of course, time is a harsh ruler and cares about no one, and so we all fall, including the Anipike.  Until then, those who survive and remember it fondly will do so, as we watch a part of childhood disappear into the past.

Goodbye, Anipike.  You’ll be sorely missed.