Well, here we go.  I've always wanted and planned to do something like this, and with the failures of my previous blogs (Pure, a music blog; Swirlvision, a Dreamcast gaming site that I contributed to; Fan to Proi and Muse Hack, both two versions of the same anime-culture site that I contributed to; and Sci-Fi Saturdays, where I waxed about the lesser known aspects of sci-fi - you can find the wreckage of the sites out there somewhere), I've decided to take a new approach: blogging about whatever the hell I want.

So, sometimes this blog will be about pop culture.  Other times it'll be about the creative process (I write, do graphic design, font creation and lettering, and other stuff).  Occasionally it'll be about politics.  Once in a while it'll even be about just watching the world go by, wondering how we ever hope to catch the fleeting moments that make all of life worthwhile as we continue on with whatever we're doing.  

And then there will be the times my wife gets a hold of the blog.  Then things will get interesting.

I'm not going to promise to not offend someone.  I'm sure it will happen, and while I'm sorry for the offense, I'm not likely to be sorry for my position.  that being said, if this goes on long enough, my opinions might change.  That's part of being human: changing, meandering, wandering....



So let's see just how much damage we can cause, shall we?