No, not THAT kind of rating…though I was a YN…. (img: US Navy)No, not THAT kind of rating…though I was a YN…. (img: US Navy)

I was talking with colleague and friend Jason Sacks of Comics Bulletin about reviews, and he mentioned that people like to see stars, they like the neat little blurbs that encapsulate everything in tiny, bite-size pieces.  Now, while I’d obviously like the readership to dive into the nitty-gritty, I can certainly understand his point (especially since he’s one of my syndicates).

So, here’s what Ah’m gunna du:

I’m now switching to a review widget at the bottom of each review (a dummy version is below).  For the earlier reviews, they’ll be brought up to the new system, but kept in the old format (i.e., just an overall review.)  For reviews from this point, I’ll be taking the item apart, going over the nuts and bolts and seeing how the sausage is made.

And that’s a promise!

Example Review

Example 1: 100% - 1 votes
small blurb
Example 2: 15% - 1 votes
small blurb
Example 3: 53% - 1 votes
small blurb
Example 4: 10% - 1 votes
small blurb


small blurb about the result