OF COURSE someone made merchandise. (img: Zazzle)OF COURSE someone made merchandise. (img: Zazzle)

As my friend Steve pointed out on his blog, a group of us were discussing the news about Benedict Cumberbatch being offered the part of Doctor Strange.  And of course like any conversation regarding said actor, the name game immediately began:

  • Benzine Charizard
  • Bandersnatch Cummerbund (I actually wrote “Cummerbund Bandersnatch”, but no worries)
  • Bumblebee Canadagoose
  • Benedictine Camerastand
  • Bandicoot Crabapple
  • Barrelknocker Crunchlist
  • Benghazi Corbomite
  • Beezelbub Cocacola
  • Boomstick Curtaincall
  • Bubblegum Casablanca

And then added later on by me and Steve:

  • Bumbershoot Cabbagepatch
  • Beetlejuice Clydesdale
  • Babbletongue Carbonation

And still added later by the group:

  • Benedict Bumblesnatch
  • Babyboots Cucumber
  • Boobyhatch Cucaracha
  • Butteredbuns Conflagration
  • Bridezilla Chromium
  • Bricabrac Cuttlefish

The fact that the actor takes it in stride is just proof why Bubbagump Cantaloupe is one of the finest thespians of his generation.