I stared at this entirely too long.I stared at this entirely too long.


I decided to fire up Destiny 2 (the sequel to one of my most favorite games as of recent) and even took a day off just to play it.

That...was a mistake.

Right now what I'm going to write isn't one of my rants.  In this case, it's genuinely barely contained anger. Right now, I game that I had looked forward to all year has now been ruined for me and I would ask for a refund were it not for Sony's byzantine refund policies (but that's an argument for another time.)

First, some background. Forbes reported earlier today Bungie shut down Destiny 2 because they needed to remove an in-game item that looks (hopefully unintentionally) like a hate symbol.  Now removing it as soon as you can is understandable.  Making a statement that you are is understandable.  And recompensing those affected, again, is understandable.

But that's not what's happening.

Instead, they shut the system down outside of maintenance hours for six-hours plus in a blind panic, inconveniencing tons of players, including yours truly.  Here's where my anger comes in.  I'd taken off today specifically to play Destiny 2.  It's hard for me to get days off in my day job.  So for me to go to the trouble of downloading the game, getting online and then not even making it past the first cutscene before getting kicked off by the servers.  And better still?  Because I streamed those first few minutes, that disqualifies me for a refund, which I would have taken.  (Mind, this is not about Sony; I have other issues about them that I'll discuss later.)

Thing is?  I'm not alone.  My wife (also inconvenienced by this and also tempted to ask for a refund) has been surfing various sites today.  And people are pissed.  There are others in the same situation as I am, and are just as likely to get the same satisfaction out of this - meaning nothing.

I spoke to another gamer, Biker Dash, on Discord about the issue, and this is what he had to say:


After he calmed down, he added the following:

"Bungie really needs to plan their updates better. By planning better, I mean they should better prepare for contingencies which cause delays. They should also have the game sorted better before release. By better sorted, I mean ironed out all exploitable glitches they need to patch, and sorted out issues which csuse unstable gameplay."

I could probably keep this going, but right now I'm trying to calm down at this massive disappointment.  Honestly, I get why they did what they did.  But what strikes me as unprofessional in the blind panic way they did it. Why not say they're aware of it and will get it done during regular maintenance? Why ruin the time of those who will not get the time back - that inconveniences people just as much as those offended by the gauntlets, and while they will be arguably rewarded, someone like myself, a returning veteran from D1 whose whole experience with D2 so far is $100 (that I can't get back, mind) for a short cutscene followed by frequent tweets about "maintenance".

Maybe the next thing Bungie might need to maintain is a more professional plan to handle things like this.