Remember when this used to stand for something?  Apparently Youtube doesn'tRemember when this used to stand for something? Apparently Youtube doesn't

There comes a point in every company's life where they forget where they came from.  In that moment, they forget who they are an they become irrelevant.

The graveyard of failed corporations, from SCO to the original Atari, from Osborne to Dumont, are all companies that forgot where they started, lost the faith of those who had been there from the start, and turned towards what they thought were greener pastures but instead were toxic cesspools that spelled the companies' doom.  And it's happening again.

And this time, it's happening to a company we all thought we loved.

This video is the origin point for Youtube.  Just a simple place to put videos up, share them with friends and others.  Eventually independent creators flocked to YT and made it what it was.  These creators toiled night and day to create the tons of videos that you see there.  And for a while, it was good: Google bought YT and found a way to help people monetize their videos.  Artists got their due and YT grew bigger.

Then BIG MONEY came calling and like so many other things, they used the reverse Midas Touch to turn gold into dross.


This is one of many, many, many videos that explain the demonetization process.  Essentially now that they are in the pocket of Big Money, YT has decided that what made them famous is now verboten.  People are leaving in droves and that is a complete shame.  I could go into it, but I won't, because I really don't want to sit here and go through a screed that you'll likely not pay attention to anyway.

What I am doing, is taking action.

Effectively now, Megami Studios and its associated brands will no longer be hosting new videos on Youtube.  Instead, we are moving to the platform (please subscribe!) and that is where we will be.  For the time being, we will keep our videos on Youtube, but that will slowly be going away as soon as it is feasible.  Additionally, the planned videos that I had intended for YT will go from Twitch to

Now, many of you won't care, i get that.  I don't make any money off my videos, but for some people, this is their livelihood.  And I feel I have to do something about this, because at the rate things are going, sooner or later YT will become the video hosting equivalent of San Diego Comic-Con, a place that was created once for the little guy (comics collectors) but has now been so infested by big money, they don't even care about the thing that created them (but that's a story for another day.)

For you who are creators, let me know and I will happily back you.  For those that need help moving, I'll do that, too.  This has to end, and we have to send a message.