Discussion is more than being sepia toned.(img: starmanseries)Discussion is more than being sepia toned.(img: starmanseries)

People who follow me know that I’m sympathetic to issues involving GamerGate, but I’m not happy with the tactics of many.  As a military vet, I realize that sometimes you fight back for all you’re worth, but sometimes fighting blindly doesn’t help, and too often I see that happening with the pro-GG crowd (not faulting them; many in the anti-GG crowd are just as bad, if not worse.)  But during a discussion for Indie Gamer Chick’s Halloween Games Trick or Treat, I had a nice approach described by @CeleciaKat.  And you know what?  She’s right.

@Shinzakura One of the best way to inform people is to see a nice family support #GamerGate on their doorstep, handing out candy.

— Celecia (@CeleciaKat) November 1, 2014

It’s a brilliant way.  Why?  Well, yeah, there’s the fact that candy’s involved, but it’s more than just that.

It’s a simple truth of logic that just explaining your side of the issues will have a much greater success of getting through to someone than screaming from the top of the mountain and hoping someone hears you.  It speaks to another military adage: work smarter, not harder.  In this case, @CeleciaKat probably convinced more people and reached more ears by speaking to the right people and explaining logically than OMG SCREAM ON INTERNETS RAGEQUIT! like so many do.

It’s a long, long slog, but if you’re going to do it, Do it right.  Learn from @CeleciaKat, folks; she knows what she’s doing.

Edit: as a follow up, later that night, a friend of mine (who I’ll call “Guy” just to keep him anonymous for his family’s sake) asked that if letter writing and email is smart actions and I slightly disagreed;  Here’s why:

Again, Facebook messenger convo; Guy’s icon and stuff are edited out for his family’s sake.Again, Facebook messenger convo; Guy’s icon and stuff are edited out for his family’s sake.