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What does this have to do with an 80s band?  Read on....What does this have to do with an 80s band? Read on....

Originally, I had been meaning to write a review of Children of the Whale for today, but I thought that would be best suited for Saturday (especially since I want to resurrect Sci-Fi Saturdays). Instead, I think I’m going to wax a tad nostalgic and talk about something both near and dear to my heart and well as something that drives me creatively.


For a friend of mine who is a comedian on Youtube, he uses a graphic based on Led Zeppelin imagery to convey his works.  Another fellow I know uses old 70s country rock to help inform his reviews of guns and whatnot.  A third still takes inspiration from rap in order to fuel her articles on the video game scene.  Music inspires us, even for those who aren’t musically inclined (while I played the guitar and flute as a youth, it’s been ages and even though I’ve made a couple of songs since, I really don’t count myself as musically-inclined, per se.)

But to be more specific today, I think I’d like to talk about how one artist’s musical works can wholesale influence another work.  Namely, that of Scritti Politti’s seminal work from my youth, Cupid & Psyche 85.

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Hey, you were warned....Hey, you were warned....

This is part two of a two-part article series.

Last week I wrote about the practical reasons of why you shouldn’t install 2000-plus fonts into your OS’ font folder and why you should let the work be handled by a font manager instead.

Now, we’re going to talk about the bigger problem: the legal and ethical issues regarding this.

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Your computer, should you decide to ignore this advice.Your computer, should you decide to ignore this advice.

This is part one of a two-part article series.

I had a recent experience that I thought I would turn into a two-fold article.  The first part is today, while the second part is next week.  And just so I don’t bore you all to death, I’m giving out a prize at the end of the article.  So, there’s a little pot sweetening involved!

But first, let’s get to the meat of the situation.  Last week on Reddit, I had a situation where I came across an article where a redditor had posted a link to another website out there offering 2000 webfonts.  Upon reading the article, myself and several others had a great laugh at the idiocy of the article, though another redditor had pointed out something very salient (which I will discuss next week.)  But let’s get to the first part of all this.

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