Believe me when I say this is one of the cleanest screen grabs available in the film.Believe me when I say this is one of the cleanest screen grabs available in the film.

What can I say about Belladonna of Sadness (no link since the film is NSFW as all get out) that hasn't been said already?  The brainchild of legendary animator Osamu Tezuka's first studio, Mushi Productions and based on the book Satanism and Witchcraft by Jules Michelet, it's legendary and breathtaking.  The art is very much inspired by Gustav Klimt, and makes excellent work of such styles as limited animation, while switching to a psychedelic fluidity rarely seen in animation of that period (there's no way that I can call this an anime, not as experimental as it is.)  The voice acting is far above what you would expect for the time, as they used well-known actors for the roles (back then, the seiyu industry was not as big or glamorous as is it is now.)

I also found out it influenced one of my favorite anime of all time, Revolutionary Girl Utena (which in and of itself is a masterpiece of WTFery.)  

I had the chance to watch it in preparation for Halloween.  And Halloween really doesn't cut it.  I'm not sure there's a holiday that does.

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I stared at this entirely too long.I stared at this entirely too long.


I decided to fire up Destiny 2 (the sequel to one of my most favorite games as of recent) and even took a day off just to play it.

That...was a mistake.

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Remember when this used to stand for something?  Apparently Youtube doesn'tRemember when this used to stand for something? Apparently Youtube doesn't

There comes a point in every company's life where they forget where they came from.  In that moment, they forget who they are an they become irrelevant.

The graveyard of failed corporations, from SCO to the original Atari, from Osborne to Dumont, are all companies that forgot where they started, lost the faith of those who had been there from the start, and turned towards what they thought were greener pastures but instead were toxic cesspools that spelled the companies' doom.  And it's happening again.

And this time, it's happening to a company we all thought we loved.

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Hearing about the USS Fitsgerald incident brought up a lot of memories for me.  Not only because I was in the Navy, not only because I was stationed in Yokosuka like the Sailors at the Fitzgerald, but the fact that the ship I was on at the time was in a collision.  I'm not here to talk about the one I was in, however; the Blue Ridge was in the equivalent of a fender bender and no one was hurt, as far as I know (though as I recall, the captain's gig got torn up.  

But that's nothing compared to the hell that the USS Fitzgerald and its crew just went through.


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I touch the sofa, quake and tremble....  Welcome home.I touch the sofa, quake and tremble.... Welcome home.

“If man makes world as construction site
Demolition teams work best at night
(We hunt you down)”

– Daedelus (with Mike Ladd)

Welcome to the 2017 (and hopefully final) relaunch of least until we have to do it again.

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