Hearing about the USS Fitsgerald incident brought up a lot of memories for me.  Not only because I was in the Navy, not only because I was stationed in Yokosuka like the Sailors at the Fitzgerald, but the fact that the ship I was on at the time was in a collision.  I'm not here to talk about the one I was in, however; the Blue Ridge was in the equivalent of a fender bender and no one was hurt, as far as I know (though as I recall, the captain's gig got torn up.  

But that's nothing compared to the hell that the USS Fitzgerald and its crew just went through.


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I touch the sofa, quake and tremble....  Welcome home.I touch the sofa, quake and tremble.... Welcome home.

“If man makes world as construction site
Demolition teams work best at night
(We hunt you down)”

– Daedelus (with Mike Ladd)

Welcome to the 2017 (and hopefully final) relaunch of Wataridori...at least until we have to do it again.

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Okay, maybe not exactly this guy.  But you get the idea.(img: Roy Blumenthal)Okay, maybe not exactly this guy. But you get the idea.(img: Roy Blumenthal)

I don't know about you all, but I hate idea guys.  They come in two flavors:

  1. Here's an idea, it'd be great if you did all the work for me but I get a tiny amount of credit so I can claim that I did it all.
  2. I have these great ideas.  I'm not going to do a damn thing with them, but I'm going to constantly tell how great xidea is and how i'd do it if I had the money/time/effort/insert excuse here.

Some of you know these people and know them intimately.  Sadly, for me, one of them is a friend, and Katie (names mentioned aren't real) won't shut up about how wonderful her ideas are if she just had the time to do so.  Granted, not everyone can: my wife has to balance her comic work with taking care of her ill father.  Another relative, Adam has to juggle work and a billion other things as well - he barely has time to himself, much less other pursuits.  I myself have some novels good to go, but don't have the money just yet to get the covers that I would like to my satisfaction.  But it's only the first case where they sit in the morass of "I could, if...."

Those are damnable words.  Evil words.  Words that should be expunged from your dictionary like Sheepa LeBeef shouting "JUST DO IT!"

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Yeah, this about says it.  Driving from work to home has always been pleasant.  Driving in the District is a fucking mess, but only in Maryland have I been tempted to pull the car over and brain someone with the spare tire.

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As I was going through the old archives, I found this interview that we did with TGT Media.  Fortunately, for us, it's still up.  And you can listen to it here.

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