He shoots, he scores! (Oh, and someone just died.)He shoots, he scores! (Oh, and someone just died.)

Well, as part of the #GamesMatter initiative, I am launching my first videogame review.  You may all cheer later, but for now, you get to see all the fun of my first impression.

The game is Metal Drift by indie developers BlackJacket Studios.  Long and short of it, the game’s what you would have if you took Atari 2600 Combat (wow, did I just date myself there), soccer, and Wipeout.  Basically, your job is to carry a ball-like thing to the goal without getting all ‘splody.  Unfortunately, there are twelve other players hell-bent on making sure you do.  Fortunately, you have eleven other players on your side to make sure they don’t.  There’s a lot of ammunition thrown around, players juking and trying to grab the ball so they make it to the goal, and occasional powerups that let you survive or do more damage.

Basically, it’s like Congress, only with a high-tech veneer.

So far the game feels good, and it has a pretty high polish for an indie game (which all seem to want to imitate the NES, if not the 2600 or Magnavox Oddessy) and I’m rather enjoying it.  That’s not to say that all is perfect in boom-boom-land, but so far I am rather impressed.

The controls are intuitive…maybe.  I’ll have more on that later.  Assuming I don’t get all shredded in the meanwhile.