“Hello UI, my old friend....“Hello UI, my old friend....

Around here at Megami, we actually make fonts (or typefaces, if you want to call them that).  Really!  And how we make the sausage here?  A little program called Font Creator, by a small company called High Logic.  I've been a loyal (you could say fantatical) user of FC for a long time, and so when I got my hands on the newest version, I immediately decided it needed to be reviewed.  After all, I have worked with other fontmakers before, from the simple to the complex (read: Adobe) and there's a reason why I've stuck with these guys, right?

Even still, FC 11 is a change to the formula and spices things up.  There are some immediate changes that I can see from previous versions, and that could change my opinion.  But does it?


Read past the bump to find out.

As I said before, I've worked with some really simplistic programs and some highly complex ones, and the real reason I've stuck with FC for all these years is its adaptability.  It does import and export really well, and each year they've been adding new features and tweaks to the program.


I’m going to play around with this copy and in a few days, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Disclosure: Megami Studios purchased a copy of Font Creator 10, but did so just before the release of FC 11, so we got a free upgrade from High Logic.