Without argument, Wacom is the king of graphic tablets and similar items.  But that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been others taking shots at the top: in the Graphics Tablet Game of Thrones, we’ve had other competitors like PActive/Yutron/XP Pen (whatever name they’re using this week), AMZDeal (who has recently left the tablet business, but you can find their stuff around), and Yiyinova (which in recent years, has started to become known for their graphics business), not to mention a dozen other minor competitors, and, if you can manage it, your regular tablet (read: iPad, Android tablet, Surface.)

But now a new player has entered the scene: UGEE and, irritating website aside, their newcomer to the US shores: the UGEE M708.  UGEE has been known for their work in European circles, and now they’re taking their game here to ‘Murica.  We got the black model so we can review it (and, well, because Ayne needed a new tablet).

So, how does it stand up to Wacom?  Let’s find out!

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