Or in your attempt to make a series.Or in your attempt to make a series.

I’m a long-time anime fan.  I’m not one of those who discovered it via Naruto, or Evangelion, Ranma 1/2 or even Robotech – some of my fondest childhood memories were watching Kimba the White LionAstro Boy, and Battle of the Planets on the UHF channels respectively (please don’t ask me to explain what a UHF channel is, kids, this was pre-cable.)  So I can honestly say I’ve watched a lot of anime.

I can also say it’s rare when I abandon a series before its time.

I can also now say that I’m doing that after episode two of Let’s Make Game Cutscenes into an Anime! Karen Senki.

Halfway through the second ep, I can practically see the MY PLOHT IZ PASTEDE ON YAY attempts to cobble something – slashANYTHING to resemble a plot.  Karen is the “next stage of evolution.”  The robots were created to cull humanity.  The robots want to be human and their anti-human aggression is simply “errors in evolution.”  There are robot yakuza wannabes.  Scooby and the Gang must discover the secret of the Haunted Amusement Park.  Okay, maybe not that last one, but at the potpourri attempt and trying to create something watchable, they may as well throw that in as well.

And the quality of the CG has gone down as of the second episode.  While it is still overall high and “adrenaline-junkie surfboard rush while chugging a six-pack of Mountain Dew”-style action, during the slow scenes, you can see where they swapped out Maya, Renderman or whatever they were using for a copy of Poser (or worse, MakeHuman.)  Characters that look close to the ideal earlier now have a clearly craptacular look.  Backgrounds, while used repeatedly on a minor scale earlier, now do so with abandon and hope that you won’t notice.

TOLDJA there were robot yakuza wannabes! And you should probably press ESC to ditch the series.TOLDJA there were robot yakuza wannabes! And you should probably press ESC to ditch the series.

And of course, Karen shows up when something needs to be blown up or there’s a need for a cool scene.  Never mind that we still don’t know her motivations for doing any of this shit (yeah, said in the earlier preview that her sister had been killed, but really…do we even notice?)

In short, Karen Senki, while an attempt for Next Media to move beyond their roots is good…guys?  You really need to go talk to Rooster Teeth for whatever you have planned next.  “If at first you don’t succeed” and all that….

Karen Senki can be viewed over at Crunchyroll.  Though why you would want to is anyone's guess.

Karen Senki Review

Visuals: 20% - 1 votes
Prepackaged stuff from Renderosity looks better.
Sound: 50% - 1 votes
Fairly middle of the road sound. Nothing good, nothing bad.
Voice Acting: 50% - 1 votes
Again, middle of the road. No character really stands out.
Plot: 10% - 1 votes
Plot? What plot?


NEXT Media needs to hire a writer. Artists and a plot woudln't be bad, either.