Or in your attempt to make a series.Or in your attempt to make a series.

I’m a long-time anime fan.  I’m not one of those who discovered it via Naruto, or Evangelion, Ranma 1/2 or even Robotech – some of my fondest childhood memories were watching Kimba the White LionAstro Boy, and Battle of the Planets on the UHF channels respectively (please don’t ask me to explain what a UHF channel is, kids, this was pre-cable.)  So I can honestly say I’ve watched a lot of anime.

I can also say it’s rare when I abandon a series before its time.

I can also now say that I’m doing that after episode two of Let’s Make Game Cutscenes into an Anime! Karen Senki.

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Both gravity and physics felt the need to take the day off in this series.Both gravity and physics felt the need to take the day off in this series.

A girl whose sister was murdered.  Killer rampaging robots.  The occasional dystopian horizon.  Gynoid prostitutes.  Rocket boots and Suzi Wongs.  And a quick lesson on how to make spaghetti.

If you have no idea what any of this means, welcome to the world of Karen Senki, a new anime by Next Media, a Hong Kong firm better known in the West for making weird animated news stories than for making anime.  Nevertheless, they’ve decided to branch out into animated entertainment outright based on fiction.

Too bad it doesn’t work.

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You have no idea.You have no idea.

 Okay, I was going to start off with a review of the UGEE M708 tablet, but seeing as how that got pushed back by a little bit (Thanks, Obama! Amazon!), I think I'll just start off by reviewing an anime that I've started watching:Total Eclipse.  After watching the first episode, I'm really wondering what I got myself into.

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