Looks like someone was happy to be there. Actually, I lied; she hated it too.Looks like someone was happy to be there. Actually, I lied; she hated it too.

Hours later, we’re counting down the debris from Ravencon.  It wasn’t a happy trip, though it wasn’t a complete waste.  I really hate to be that guy (especially knowing how hard it can be to plan a con), but this con has been, quite frankly, the worst one I have ever gone to, and I likely won’t be back.  Basically, stick your head in a blender, press “frappe”, and you will likely have a better and more productive time than I did, for the most part.  I guarantee I’ll be sending the Ravencon con chair my complaints and suggestions.  It remains to be seen.

And for the record, I’m not even talking about the whole Brianna Wu fracas, which I discussed in yesterday’s post.  That could have run smoothly (or not at all) and all the myriad problems would have still continued.  I’m not going to go into full detail, because I don’t want this to be a rant, but these are the gasps of a dying con, as I see it, and a con named Ravencon moving as far away from Baltimore as possible is either a sign of heading into the sunset or hasn’t changed their name yet.  Obviously you know which one I think it is.

But hey, like I said, there wasn’t all that bad.  Here’s what else happened:

Authors (and fellow squidlings) Tom Mays and Chris Kennedy had great advice.  Plus, apparently, everyone who’s in the Navy eventually becomes an author. ^_^;;;  On Ayne’s end, she got some idea from Kennedy and several other creators on how to improve or something (she really wasn’t clear on it.)  Either way, we went to the con.  We’re back home now.  The end.