And now time to plug my friend Steven Savage‘s book, Fan to Pro!  You owe me, Steve.And now time to plug my friend Steven Savage‘s book, Fan to Pro! You owe me, Steve.

Okay, aside from missing a little something you might have heard about last night, I’m not going to go into that safe to say that in my opinion, Ravencon handled the whole thing badly.  Regardless of whether you support Brianna Wu or Ethan Ralph, the whole thing falls on the shoulders of Ravencon.  They should have placed a no-recording policy prior to the event starting, they should have informed Ralph of what was going on, and they should have given a better response than they did.  This was on top of an incredibly rude and baiting Twitter feed, and a general Facebook response that continually gets worse.

But this is par for the course here at Ravencon.  A fellow former convention chair (who shall not be named) and I spent our day at our respective tables talking about the numerous failings (as we see it) of this convention.  This is run more like a first-year con than one celebrating its 10th Anniversary (as they’ve so loudly proclaimed).  In all my years of conventioning (that’s a word now, I claim that), I’ve never seen a con so badly run – and I’ve seen some, ahem, “beauties”.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things here that the con is doing right.  And I’ve been told that some of the mishaps here are due to the untimely passing of their vice chair.  That being said, this is a pile that needs fixing.

But enough of that.  On to other things.

I got to talk to some other authors about authorly (yup, coining that word, too) things, and that’s going to change some of the ways I’ve been handling my book.  I’m hoping that I can pull this off.  It’s also been a sea change for Ayne, as she’s been given some good ideas as well, and we hope this will speed the relaunch of Claude & Monet.

As the other con chair and I (and her husband, who is a friend) chatted, it’s given us some of our own ideas for the future, ones we hope to act on, and ones I’ll be glad to.

Tomorrow I’ll give the wind down and what lies next.  I’m hoping it’ll be good.  I’m fearing it won’t.

*Note: the link to Ethan Ralph’s Youtube channel does not imply an endorsement.  I tried to find a neutral link on the issue, and found that linking the footage would be the best method.  In a situation this charged, one person’s idea of neutral is another’s accusation of propaganda and vice versa.