About Rob

The author is a guy who somehow managed to have a birthday of Valentine’s Day (though his family will deny this), a hometown of Huntington Beach, California (which his family will also deny) and ended up in the Navy for a stretch, traveling the world, learning new cultures and languages and…anime and manga (okay, so he knew about that before he joined the Navy, but still). He then met his wife and thought he could do more damage to the nation as we know it by leaving military service and going into government employment. After wasting your taxpayer funds, he has now written a novel and a webcomic and is on the board of directors for an forthcoming convention somewhere in the capital.

He has a ponytail, which was passé back in the 90s, and probably could use a shave. Since he left the service, he thinks jeans and sweaters constitute formal wear. He’s also a massive liar, but hey, so is every other fiction writer out there – that’s why you buy their stuff. He now lives in Winchester, Virginia with his wife and a dog that thinks she’s a cat.

Oh, and something about being an accomplished linguist, archivist, artist, typographer, administrator, convention runner, and a dozen other things which have no bearing on why you’re reading this.

About Ayne

Ayne is.

About the Title ("Wataridori")

Wataridori (渡り鳥, “wandering”, lit. “migratory bird”) essentially describes the point of this blog: wandering wherever me or the guest bloggers decide to head.  Yeah, I know that can be a problem.  Aside from that, though, the title comes from Japanese electronica artist Cornelius’ song of the same name.

Oh, and if you like the song, he gave it out for free.